Analysis of Waste Water Samples

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Analysis of Waste Water Samples

VECL has renovated the entire Laboratory and equipped it with critical instrument for the correct measurement of the different pollutants.

VECL had also recruited qualified Environmental Chemist for the detail analysis of the wastewater for the member industries. As on today VECL analyzes more than 200 waste water samples each month for different parameters. Thus the capability of VECL laboratory has reached up to the required standard level.

Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited ———- Healing the Environment since last 18 years.

VECL is in the process of obtaining approvals for its laboratory from the State Pollution Control Board and from the MoEF- New Delhi and finally from NABL.Once VECL obtain this approvals, analysis of the sample can be start with reasonable fees, which will increase its revenue substantially as well as recognition.

These activities also help to maintain the consistency on the quality of the treated wastewater disposed at the bay of Khambhat.

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