Environmental Consultancy

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Environmental Consultancy

Since last one year VECL specially observed that most of the VECL members are not at all equipped for the real Environmental solution. Even some of the small and medium scale industries are not aware of how to fill the CCA form, monthly reports as well the routine submission to the Statutory Authorities.

Most of the VECL members (Except big one) are till not aware about the Environmental Due Diligence and thereforce had face lots of Environmental liability issues.

Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited ———- Healing the Environment since last 18 years.

As on today VECL provides a few Environmetal Management services, free of cost. Some of the Members have banefitted form the free services provided by VECL. Thus considering the rich experience and the correct understanding of the environmental issues, VECL is well positioned and capable of providing real solutions of various Environmental Problems faced by the Members as well as Non Member Industries.