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28 years of services to the industries


Vadodara city in Central Gujarat is one of the important industrial hubs since 1977. Industrial complex of Central & State Governments like IOCL, GSFC, GACL, IPCL (now RIL), GIPCL units along with the Small & Medium scale industries in the Nandesari, Padra as well as surrounding to the GIDC Areas, contributed huge revenue to the Country as well as to the State. It also provided an excellent opportunity for the employment generation.

Up to 1983, major State and Central Government Industrial complex, Nandesari Industrial Estate of GIDC and small & medium scale industries of petro-chemical complex were facing problems with the disposal of treated wastewater.

During 1970, the project for the safe disposal of treated wastewater was conceived by the State Government. This was developed and constructed by G.I.D.C on behalf of the participating Industries.

Thus during 1983, the Effluent Channel Project was commissioned. It has a total capacity to convey about 1,30,000 M3/day (130 MLD) of treated wastewater over a distance of 55 km in the Gulf of Khambhat. The channel has recently completed 28 years in the services of the Industries.

The channel is a brick masonry conduit constructed in “U” shape laid with gradient in 1 in 3000.It is provided with 139 cross drainage works ensures that there is no hindrance to traffic of 29 villages that are located along with the alignment of the channel.

Entire channel is covered with RCC Slab and it is fully asphalted Inspection Road from take off point at Dhanora up to the disposal points in the Gulf of Khambhat.

During 1999-2000 the Effluent Channel Project converted in to the Company with a major stake of four Major units like IOCL, IPCL (now RIL), GSFC & GACL, and named as an Effluent Channel Project Limited (ECPL).

As on January 2012, the Company have about 37 Members. (Including Four Major Unit –Promoters).Two Common Effluent Treatment Plant namely Nandesari CETP and EICL –CETP of Umraya also the members of the Company. Nandesari CETP have about 171 Members where as EICL –CETP have about 61 Members.

Thus Company safely conveying the generated treated wastewater from more than 250 Industrial Units in and around Vadodara District of Gujarat through the 55 km long Channel in to the Bay of Khambat.

For the smooth Operation & Maintenance entire conveying systems and to maintain the quality of the discharge wastewater to meet the State Pollution Control Board’s Standards, Company’s Management regularly carries out the following activities:

• Provided dedicated Security force for the complete surveillance of the Channel.
• Regular sample taken from the various points and analyzed for the required parameters.
• Penalize those member units (Defaulter) frequently violating the Inlet norms.
• Surprise Check by the senior personnel.
• Regular Cleaning of the Channel during Pre & Post monsoon seasons.

Considering the various challenges faced by the Company and to provide a sound technical solution to the different industries for the Overall Environmental Management, Company has changed the name from Effluent Channel Project Limited to Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited-VECL.

The new name has been approved by ROC from November 23rd 2011.

Apart from its core business –conveyance of Treated wastewater has expanded its horizon in the following areas:

1. Environmental Consultancy (To provide only technical knowhow)
2. Green Audit
3. Services for the preparation of the Sustainability Report
4. Recycling of treated wastewater
5. Analysis of water & wastewater samples
6. Waste Exchange Data Bank
7. Training for the overall Environmental Management
8. Rain water Harvesting etc.

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