Capability Statement


Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited (VECL) is in the business of Conveyance of the treated wastewater for more than 250 Industrial Units in and around Vadodara District of Gujarat State through the 55 km long Channel and safely disposing the same into the Bay of Cambay.

Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited has built its reputation by successfully conveying the treated wastewater since last 30 years. Dedicated to the protection and preservation of the nearby Environment and a standard of excellence, our team and in-house management collectively represent a wealth of experience.

Apart from its core business, Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited provides the following services to manage environmental risk and enhance environmental performance both within and outside our clients’ organizations:

  1. Environmental Consultancy (Only Technical)
  2. Green Audit
  3. Services for the preparation of the Sustainability Report
  4. Analysis of water & wastewater samples
  5. Waste Exchange Data Bank
  6. Training for the overall Environmental Management
  7. Rain water Harvesting


Understanding the ever changing needs for the overall Environmental Protection, more stricter rules and regulation from the Statutory Authority, we pride ourselves in being able to provide flexible and cost effective solutions for the above mentioned services, while maintaining a world class quality that each and every one of our clients deserve. Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited works on the following platforms, and remains committed to sustaining our business through these platforms:


We aim to have each client happy to recommend our services!

  • We deliver what we promise;
  • We listen to and work with our clients to add value;
  • We will advise the best risk management strategy that achieves the client’s requirements in concern with responsible environmental practice.


Protecting the Environment makes good business sense!

  • Responsible environmental management:
  • (As a Business initiative) enhances reputations, aids job satisfaction and contributes to healthy bottom lines.
  • (As an Environmental Initiative) sustains a future habitat, resource and home for all life forms on this planet.


We assist clients to work in harmony with our environment and not to its detriment.

We enable our clients to:

  • demonstrate compliance with the law;
  • effectively manage risks to avoid pollution and liabilities;
  • educate and involve their employees;
  • control resource wastage including water, energy, packaging etc;
  • contribute to improvement programmes that address local community issues and major issues such as greenhouse, ozone depletion and land degradation.


We work with you on your site. No matter where your location is. We take pride in our capacity to compliment, not replace, our clients’ internal technical and managerial personnel.

VECL Infrastructure:

Full fledge Environmental Monitoring Laboratory having a qualified analyst for the analysis of different pollutant as well as Environmental Parameters.

VECL Team:

A team of experienced engineers, scientist, and finance professional leads by a Technocrat having more than 24 years of rich experience for the oveall Environmental Management of the Manufacturing industries.

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